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Month: November 2019


Personal privacy is what everyone wishes for but it seems like this privacy is sometimes interrupted by uncalled guests and intruders. Their activities sometimes don’t involve burglary but security measures must be taken to avoid further damages. Some online sites have done justice to these cases and how to get out these situations, read verisure reviews here for some tips!!


Protecting your home from intruders with or without intentions of evil is very crucial to peaceful living, here are ways you can go about it

  1. Occasional changing of locks: locks can be easily forged by anyone, so you never can tell who has your key, hence the need the change your lock and key especially in rented apartments. Changing of locks is not a hard task to do provided the lock is gotten from a trusted source and no amount is too much to provide security for yourself. After changing your locks and keys, ensure that you keep your keys properly from unwanted guests and untrusted personnel to avoid cases of burglary or privacy breach.
  2. Use of alarm systems: Installation of security alarms and systems both indoor and outdoor is top-notch when it comes to protecting your home from intruders especially thieves. A professionally installed alarm system is highly recommended, it notifies you if anyone tries to enter your apartment via text, images, or direct calls to you and appropriate authorities for security. The most common one is the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), it provides video proof of all ongoing activities in your home. Check for other smart alarms.
  3. Set bait for intruders: In case you’ve been noticing frequent suspecting activities in your home, here is a way to solve the situation. You can set bait with intruder alarms that notify you when anyone breaches your privacy. Or you can also make it look as if you are always around to scare them off.
  4. Use of extensive outdoor lightning: When attaching lightning to homes, many are only bothered about the interior look neglecting the outdoor. The use of bright outdoor lightning also helps to scare intruders away. Intruders enjoy places where there is little or no light to avoid been detected and for their smooth operation. Fix bright lights outside your home then you are a step closer to enjoying your peaceful home.
  5. Fix doors and windows: Most successful burglaries are aided by broken and not properly fixed doors and windows. Install intruder alarm on your doors and windows to ensure security. Fix all doors properly to ensure that there is no leak or crack somewhere for them to access the house. Sliding and glass doors and windows must be fixed by a professional in the interior part of the home to or guarded by smart alarms.
  6. Ask for verification from home service providers before allowing them into your home. Some intruders are sometimes aided by home service providers like plumber, gardener, house workers or employees, and others that you might bring around to improve your home. Before allowing them into your home, you must ensure that their services and identifications are properly verified.

All things have been considered, your home is perfectly safe from intruders, and you need not worry about leaving your home for a short term or long term.

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