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Calculations to be made about home loan

If you are thinking about a home loan, then you must know about this topic very well. Without knowing in detail, if you take a loan immediately, you may find yourself in big debt.  In this article we are going to discuss home loan in detail. Use home loan calculator singapore and other services by Homeloanwhiz today.

How can I calculate my home loan?

Based on your personal specifications, the calculator determines the following values:

  • the amount of the monthly installment
  • a non-binding interest indication
  • the amount paid over the entire loan term interest rates
  • the term of mortgage lending until full repayment
  • Simulation of interest rate scenarios for follow-up financing
  • and a detailed repayment plan with interest and redemption portions

In the home loan calculator singapore, choose whether to calculate a classic repayment loan or a repayment expired loan.

If you like, after the calculation of the financing, you can have a non-binding and, of course, free of charge offer for favorable home loan.

Calculation of the financing potential

home loan calculator singapore

Home loan is a long-term commitment. Therefore, it should always be ensured that the financing costs also fit permanently into the budget.

The difference between income and expenses is the monthly financing potential available to the home builder for mortgage lending.

Determination of the maximum loan amount

Once you have clarified your personal financing potential, the determination of the maximum loan amount is pending. This is the total amount of borrowed capital that a borrower can borrow at most.

When deciding on the maximum loan amount, please keep in mind that the level of interest rates will change. After expiry of the fixed interest period, the interest rate for the follow-on financing may differ significantly from the current interest rate level.

Homeloanwhiz: expert on homeloan in Singapore

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