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Control employee expenses today for proper growth of business

After the establishment of a company, there are lot of problems owner faces. But one major problem which is a real burden for the company- over expenses of the employees Here is a list of measures to put in place in your company to obtain an optimization of your employee expenses. Contact us today for better management of singapore corporate tax rate.

Set a budget by type of expenditure

By setting a maximum budget for each employee according to his expenses, you regain control of your cash flow. It must be important enough not to prevent the accomplishment of missions without encouraging waste.

Digitize your overall management

A system must be adapted to automatically retrieve invoices and include them in your accounting system. You can opt for solutions that offer purchase requisition management or real-time expense management. Contact ottaviaholdings today for all kind of corporate accounting related solutions like managing Singapore corporate tax rate.

Impose a repayment deadline

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This will allow you to no longer be looking for evidence permanently, or to receive them several months after the date of travel.

Centralize receipt of receipts

 No need to scatter, because providing a mail bin for paper receipts, and an email address exclusively dedicated to receiving those dematerialized enough.

Centralize the subscription tracking

Each company has various subscriptions, such as SaaS billing software, Google Adwords keywords for marketing teams, and Heroku for technical teams. Be sure to be able to simply find each invoice and not produce an undue expense.

Provide a means of payment adapted to all employees

We have our small idea in this area: the virtual single-use payment card for all online purchases such as hotel nights or transport tickets; a physical corporate bank card for all additional expenses during a trip.

Hunt for the expense scam

If you can detect the expense scam, you will be able to manage the expenses of your employees easily and effectively.

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