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Space Saver – Kids Loft Bed Singapore

The loft bed is a special class of bunk bed having a bed above with the space below being used for storage or as a study desk.Kids just love the idea of a kids loft bed, the entire concept is very exciting for them.  Kid’s rooms are relatively smaller and cannot have too many furnitures.For optimum space utilization, loft beds come as a blessing in disguise.  You don’t have to bother about placing astudy desk or a storage shelf elsewhere in the room.

A study desk and chair can be built in the space below the loft bed. Your kid can read, write or study within his or her roomon this desk. Along with the desk, a small study shelf can also be designed in the available space to store books and stationery items. Alternately, a dresser with storage shelves can be designed in the space below the loft bed. The shelves can be used to store toys, books,and other stationery items.

Kids loft bed singapore

While choosing a loft bed, you need to also think about the future when the kids begin growing taller. The height of the loft bed should be designed such that when using the space below the loft bed, your child does not bump on it.The loft bed height has to be designed such that it is not too close to the ceiling fan or light. So the safety aspect should be considered before making a selection.

Kids loft bed singapore is available in a variety of attractive colors and designs and can be customized as per the requirements of customers with the best quality, safety, design,and cost.

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